Hello, First off my name is Johnny Cook. My history is relevant to my current concious state. I am the sum of imported and processed information shared through me from various outlets. Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister, Fiance, friends, relatives, mentors, strangers, managers, Television characters, movies, musicians, bartenders, and my own creative concious conversations to the voice in my head.(I like to call the voice "Chuck my monkey" Chuck is an abbreviated version of my middle name which is Charles and represents my id). My quest is to mold an original human existence in search for my connection to the universe. The bliss of creation and the quest for a friendliy world in harmony with same ideas toward the simplest quests of human existence to promote a "let the world be" idea of cohabition between countries but more importantly to one another on the street.. My organic mass has the complexity of the same universe I speak of.. The human brain has the capacity to recognize information far more complex than the pattern of all known stars. Although undefinable variables exist the truest of human experience begins with the simplest of actions, a breath to fill the lungs and a single word recognizing another humans existence. Hello...

" If you walk on by me, look me in the eye a wink, a knod, a smile, say something,open up your mouth and say HI., 'cuz there is something you need to know but I can't tell youwhen you just walk on bye... without saying hello " Mr. K

To change the world with a whisper. A community who says hello is much more alive and open to synergy. Synergy has benifits from its presence. The community has fruits of labor from artisans conspiring to do good. Those whose idea to this world is to stop the maddness and somehow share the fruits of their own labors I tip my hat to you.My dream is to influence open minded humans to simply share their glee for life with a stranger more often. Simply surprise strangers with a hello to let them know we all exist in the same framework of a world. We are a localized global community where the oppertunity to share happiness is a hello away.

Originally from Lakeside, California. Located 30 miles east of San Diego. I grew up naive to how large this world really is. With an infinite curiosity to people, things and new places. As an adult I've not settled anywhere for a long time. From San Diego, to Denver, Colorado, to Seattle, Washington and now residing in Tempe Arizona I feel I've gathered a really good idea of what the west side of the United States of America is like.

San Diego consists of many different cultures economic classes and a beautiful city to take advantage of. A lot of free things to do. There are great parks including Balboa, Flinn Springs, Lindo, Lake Jennings, Cuyamaca Mountain, and all of the coastline, from Carlsbad in the North and Imperial Beach in the south, to enjoy. An alive street scene in the Gas Lamp Quarter, one of coolest rock clubs in the country supporting independant music the Casbah in middletown, a host to a mural I painted at Joe n andys hole in the wall in La Mesa, of downtown. .

Denver A lot of humble people friendly to newcomers as long as you don't mention California in where you are from.(just joking colorado natives)There is nothing comparable to waking to the Rocky Mountains in the brisk of an autumn morning. Only a handful of exploration in the short 5 months I lived there. Some of the coolest Ski Towns Breckenridge, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Boulder for a mountain college town with the latest in big city living tied to the granduer and simplicity of a mountain community.

Seattle truly the most amazing city of creative energy and a broad spectrum of cultures united side by side. Great parks, cultural centers, a mecca for the melting pot, it could evolve to be the blueprint for where american society should be everywhere. Evidence the Melting Pot of America can be achieved.

Temp-ee, Arizona a transient dusty city in the midst of the Phoenix desert. a great 8 months of moderate climate to 4 months of skin scorching heat not a pedestrians haven. The ecclectic nature of people here leads to a lot of misunderstood boundaries. It is a college town Arizona State University host 40,000 plus students a year and an ecclectic array of a Native community with roots of predominately hispanic and Native American. Most of the people I've come across that have decided to settle say they are from somewhere else. It seems to me most of the spirit of this place is either just gettin here or gettin ready to leave.

Although my perspective of Arizona has been a bit skewed of normal from having been associated with major life altering surgery processes and an internal battle against what is best for me. I've still managed to salvage love and support in what I would consider a vacany of organized conspirators to kindness.

From the scope I look through I can say this, "I see what I see and believe in being free but I cannot participate in all the activities some bring to me."

From all of these moves I've been made wise to somethings which has made some of my spirit tattered by false perceptions and misunderstood guidelines. I hope to someday put as much of it as I can into alignment either in prose or spoken story. My vision has been clouded by numerous influence. Illness and operations. My self inflicted wounds have me more torn than any of my phisical woes. I think I'm on my way but it depends what day you see me. So many sidetracks only lead to the same questions... I hope to someday be great... now I create from an apartment and Bartend at a local restaurant and my now generally consists of conversations of manifestation. The closest to me are wondering when it all is going to come together for me. Waiting to see me light the sparks that are constantly flickering and exploding like fireworks.