May1, 2006 4:21am. I began blogging at myspace and this section is now amended by that representing of the monkeydumb catalog

August 19, 2004 12:42 am.Im Sitting in my dining room ruin/office and studio with my computer and music collection I'm reflecting the thoughts that come to mind as I struggle to find the letters as fast as the words are racing past my minds eye. tell me to be whom ever you want me to be and maybe I'll play someone else in spite ...monkeys sometimes only have enough free mind to operate a limited amount of faculties therefore I can only have focus toward the most basic of human neccestity currently. For those of you trying to make heads or tails of this and of Johnny may need to look at him from a different ledge because he means no harm. I'm spoke of in third person so much more than spoken to directly i play the same games. Silly games learned in High School. Bells to direct your focus to another door you are expected to walk through, while glits and glamour, and fake tits are marketed and exploited in all of worlds economy driven marketing machines whom sidetrack us into vicarious life experiences through the tableau of 2 dimension television symbolisms.

monkeydumb as a frame of mind has always influenced my roller ball pen drawings.

Here are some examples cover art and inspired pieces in the same vein of creative mind. Episode IV of monkeydumb lives as you read. SatelitesHave Adopted My Soul. The mantra I chose in the infant stages of thinking I could program a and design


from the mind of Johnny Cook

Epiosde IV


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