This is an exploration into the mind and work of Johnny Cook

San Diego Native, naive and elusive resident of Denver, Colorado, Seattle, Washington and Tempe, Arizona.
Nothing left to lose.
Nothing to hide.
Remember that one time we had.

I wish you were here so I could hug you goodbye.

You've come this far so you understand the monkeydumb navagation system. I like Ideas so lightbulbs.There are a few surprises so look thouroughly for mouseovers to other secret pages or tricks. This has been a truly life altering experience for me and I now feel confident in this monkeydumb world to introduce you to my monkey my id, the way I sometimes create with having been Influencing my own creativity for years I've understood art is as is is. With many long thought processes, depending upon the extremity or complictiy of a particuliar idea for and now, I unveil to you monkeydumb.com

The most popular question in regards to monkeydumb is what does "monkeydumb" mean?
monkeydumb is a playground for me to try and connect with my world. Share
with friends old and new and let them know what makes me tick. Things
which excite me about music, Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp, art, life, love.
The ring monkeydumb has and the way it's similar in sound to kingdom made it stick
as my pen name for my forum of abstract creativity. The concept gets deeper
with the idea that we are all dumb monkeys making mistakes over and over
again until the lesson sticks. Browse through the maze of programmed pages.
My first attempt at Dreamweavertm and the world wide web. monkeydumb was origanally designed on paper it was an abstract mailer that only a few really understood.
Now to My World.

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