February 5, 2004: So its about 1:ooam and me chucks friend George re jammin out some tunes. I'm actually practicin for class on Friday. The blessing of a polaroid and and a bunch of film and a creative mind and free time. Anyway I am constantly getting lost and redefining who I am and if it weren't for stumbling and gaining balance again I would have a realy boring life.

July10, 2003: I look forward to play a lot of guitar in the days to come. My Taylor has been at the factory for exactly three weeks now and I've been itching to play since it has been out of my presence. Soon hours upon hours will be spent building on what I've learned on a beat up cheap guitar to having an amazingly dynamic acoustic electric. My ear for melody and changes grows with every session and I am looking to match my ear to the written music formats because in the fall I'm enrolled in music theory among other courses to challenge myself as an artist.

October 27, 2003: So a couple of months have passed and now I'm half way into my first music theory class. I get to be a better player every class even though the class hasn't much to do with actually playing. My guitar finally has all the bugs worked out of it and its flying high. This year is the beginning of the rest of my life as a musician. I'm taking some serious corners and am finally getting a grip upon time. Can you give me 4 clicks.